[ic] Values space question

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Tue May 11 12:40:49 EDT 2004

Quoting Ethan E. Rowe (ethan at the-rowes.com):
> >I think I added this before the [values-space] tag even existed;
> >prior to that the only way to set it was to include a form variable
> >of mv_values_space, which caused the variables submitted with that
> >form to route it to the separate values space.
> >
> >Since the submission of that form results in the entry of the
> >order, that qualifies as the same page.
> >
> > 
> >
> Okay.  To make sure I've got it right:
> Since the order entry page doesn't make use of the [values-space] tag or 
> specify the "order_entry" space when retrieving values for individual 
> form fields, the very first time the entry page is called in a 
> particular session, it will retrieve values from the volatile values 
> space but post to the safer "order_entry" space; because the mv_nextpage 
> pretty much always points to the entry page again, subsequent actions 
> will almost certainly result in the mv_values_space CGI value getting 
> posted, and the references to $Values that previously drew from standard 
> $Values space will instead draw from the "order_entry" space.  However, 
> should you subsequently access the order entry page via a URL that lacks 
> the mv_values_space variable, the form will once again be populated with 
> data from the volatile values space.

This is essentially correct.

> Might it make sense to specify [values-space order_entry] at the top of 
> the order entry page to avoid the quirky behavior that could result from 
> this?  Are there any negative implications to taking that action?

I don't know why. The reason it was done was to make sure you wouldn't
prepopulate the next order from the previous order's settings.

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