[ic] Help!! Interchange and Perl 5.8.0

Joshua Lavin joshua at kingdomdesign.com
Tue May 11 13:39:20 EDT 2004

On May 11, 2004, at 12:27 PM, Mark Weaver wrote:

> Problem now seems to be that it can't or won't run, ( install ) on a
> machine running multi-threaded PERL. Aaaaaaaaaaaah!!! If I wasn't crazy
> about RedHat before its even worse now. At least thats how I feel about
> RedHat 9 and PERL 5.8. More problems then you can shake a stick at.
> Is there a way around this?

Yes, install your own non-threaded Perl somewhere else, and tell 
Interchange to use that (I'm not sure where, maybe a configure option). 
Check the list archives for the same issue and answers.

Josh Lavin
Kingdom Design   http://www.kdw.us/

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