[ic] Help!! Interchange and Perl 5.8.0

Rene Hertell interchange-users at hertell.com
Tue May 11 14:09:46 EDT 2004

> Awsome!!! Thank you SO much Rene. So they fixed the bugs in
> 5.8.0, did they?

The "bugs" are probably still there. The point is that you should get a Perl
without threads. It tends to break some modules or some modules just can't
handle them correctly. You'll get your "clean" Perl by compiling it without
any extra parameters:

just get Perl 5.8.2, extract it, and run:

./Configure -des

> Just for my own future info... doesn't Perl install by default to /use
> as opposed to /usr/local on RedHat 9.0 systems?

Perl by the distro is normally in /usr/bin, and the modules in /usr/lib, but
if you compile Perl and its modules by yourself, everything should end up in
/usr/local/bin and /usr/local/lib


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