[ic] A specific Solaris installation problem with the latest IC versions?

Henri Steibel hsteibel at wanadoo.fr
Tue May 11 16:51:20 EDT 2004

I have a problem installing interchange 5.0.1 or 5.2.0, on a shared account
on Sun-Sparc-Solaris 2.9.

On this machine, I have installed several versions from Minivend 3 to
Interchange 4.8.3 and some are still running.

The only problem I noticed during the installation of these new versions was
the message during the "make test" :
"make : xxx [test dynamic] error 143

and "make install" was done manually.

I have the following problem :
- when I do "interchange -r" a first time, the Interchange server start
normally, with these message :
"Interchange server was not running
calling UI...
configuring catalog ... Done
Interchange server started in UNIX mode..."

I have an Interchange process running (interchange.pid with the correct pid

-When I do again "interchange -r' immediately after, I have this message :
" The previous Interchange server was not running and probably terminated
with an error"
and I have a new Interchange installation

And I have two Interchange processes running (interchange.pid with the pid
of the second interchange process).

If I do "interchange --stop" I get the message :
"The previous Interchange server was not running and probably terminated
with an error
killing Interchange 0 with term"

And I still have my two processes

When I try to call an Interchange page on my browser
"http://.../catalog.cgi", I get the message :
" Internal server error
The catalog encountered an internal error or misconfiguration..."

There are the usual messages of a correct installation in the error.log of
interchange, nothing in the error.log of the catalog, "premature end of
script header" in the apache error_log.

I made numerous trials of installation, always with the same result..

I found no answer in the list, but two people having exactly the same
problem, both on solaris, since the 4.9.5 version of Interchange - title of
the mail : "[IC] Restart and stop problems (multilple processes)".

Is it a specific Solaris problem? Or another idea ?

Thanks in advance,

Henri steibel

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