[ic] using IC to send out newsletter -automatically

Jeannie Stevenson webteam at wes-state.com
Tue May 11 17:22:04 EDT 2004

Hello list

My client want to use IC to send out html/text newsletter using the IC cron

In catalog.cfg I have:
Jobs base_directory etc/jobs
Jobs log    log/cron.log
Jobs email my-email-address

In etc/jobs/job1 I have:

[query list=1
 sql="select username, password, fname, lname, email, mail_list
  from userdb where mail_list like '%newsletter%']
cat <<EOF | sendmail -t
From: Wes-State Mortgage, Inc <service at wes-state.com>
To: [loop-pos 3] [loop-pos 4] <[loop-pos 5]>
Subject: wes-state mortgage,inc. newsletter
 [tag op=mime arg=header][/tag]
[tag mime boundary][/tag]--

[include include/newsletter/newsletter6]

Best Regards,
Wes State Mortgage, Inc. Customer Service

Note. You subscribed to this list (newsletter) when you either visited
or placed an order with us. you can unsubscribe at any time with the
{mv_base_url}list=newsletter&what=[loop-pos 5]&who[loop-pos 0]

Thanks for your business


It should query the database for newsletter out of the userdb mail_list
column, inserts the html file within the <body></body> tags and then send an
email to those individualls but nothing seems to be happening.

I've executed the batch as user interch with:

/var/local/interchange/bin/interchange --runjobs=wes-state=job1

Any thoughts, ideas, or pointers would be helpful

Thanks Jeannie

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