[ic] Can an old IC installation interfere with a new one ?

Henri Steibel hsteibel at wanadoo.fr
Wed May 12 11:38:03 EDT 2004


I still try to install Interchange 5.2.0. on a Solaris 2.9. machine (perl

When I start the server (interchange -r -u) the interchange process is
running, but I have the feeling that the Interchange program can't see the
process. For example, if i do "interchange --stop", it can't stop the
process (I explained my problem in detail yesterday and I don't want to
bother the list with another long statement)

I wonder in which way an old installation can interfere with a new one and
if it can explain my problem.
During all the installation , I stopped the my interchange-4.8.3 server, and
I tried to do a "test installation" as explained in the UPGRADE file.

Henri Steibel

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