[ic] Can an old IC installation interfere with a new one ?

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Wed May 12 12:05:20 EDT 2004

Quoting Henri Steibel (hsteibel at wanadoo.fr):
> Hello,
> I still try to install Interchange 5.2.0. on a Solaris 2.9. machine (perl
> 5.8.0)
> When I start the server (interchange -r -u) the interchange process is
> running, but I have the feeling that the Interchange program can't see the
> process. For example, if i do "interchange --stop", it can't stop the
> process (I explained my problem in detail yesterday and I don't want to
> bother the list with another long statement)
> I wonder in which way an old installation can interfere with a new one and
> if it can explain my problem.
> During all the installation , I stopped the my interchange-4.8.3 server, and
> I tried to do a "test installation" as explained in the UPGRADE file.

I believe the problem is that Solaris does not put the proper
info in etc/interchange.pid, or if it does it is unable to determine
the lock status.

Did you make sure you put all the appropriate configuration directives
from the older configuration in the new one?

You might also try:


in interchange.cfg.
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