[ic] Data tag not returning result

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Wed May 12 13:15:53 EDT 2004

Tim Good [draco at edsd.com] wrote:
> Hello list,
> (mysql 3.23.58 on Redhat 8.0 non threaded perl 5.8.2 interchange 5.2
> stable) I have a custom table I have added to my database
> "delivery_schedule". In the order_view page, in admin, I would like
> to pull data from this table
> according to the order_number being viewed. I have a field
> "order_number" in the delivery_schedule table which get the
> order_number from transactions when the order is placed.
> I have tried several different approaches to solve this task.
> However, none are working. What is the best way to do this?
> Thanks much,
> Tim

Next time include code we can help fix.

            SELECT  foo, bar
            FROM    delivery_schedule
            WHERE   order_number = '[however your getting the order number]'
            Delivery Detial:
            Delivery Schedule #[sql-increment]: [sql-bar]<br>
            Order is not yet in transit


[however your getting the order number] is however you can grab the order
number on that page, maybe a CGI arg, or a value, or scratch, i dunno, you'll
have to see what it is giving you.


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