[ic] Not able to retrieve fields from custom table

John Rennie john-rennie at thechampagneshop.co.uk
Wed May 12 14:05:46 EDT 2004

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> Hello list,
> First sorry for the double post previously, I was not sure 
> which email address was setup. I did not get a response to 
> my first post so I am reposting with a more specific 
> question.
> Why would this code not work?
> [perl table='delivery_schedule']
>   $Tag->data("delivery_schedule", "charge", "[loop-data 
> transactions order_number]"); [/perl]
> (mysql 3.23.58 on Redhat 8.0 non threaded perl 5.8.2 interchange 5.2
> stable)
> All help is much appreciated.
> Tim

Hi Tim,

You don't say exactly what 'not work' means, so this is a guess...

>From the interchange rtfm tags reference, perl tags are not interpolated
by default. So
[perl table='delivery_schedule' interpolate=1]
  $Tag->data("delivery_schedule", "charge", "[loop-data 
transactions order_number]"); [/perl]
 should work better.

You might also want to switch to single quotes within your perl, to avoid
the risk of any interpolation (e.g. \n or $) of your data (unlikely with
an order number, but you may have an odd format).

Best regards,


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