[ic] mod_interchange 1.30 Problem

Bryan D Gmyrek gmyrek at U.Arizona.EDU
Wed May 12 14:13:00 EDT 2004

> > > Did you have another version of mod_interchange installed prior to
> > > your installation of 1.30?  If so then make sure that you're
> > > overwriting the previous mod_interchange.so with the new version as
> > > it seems that perhaps the older version is still being used;  The
> > > OrdinaryFileList directive is new in version 1.30.
> > >
> > Checked and double checked this.  Before I copied the mod_interchange.so
> > file into the libexec directory I removed the 1.29 version.
> >
> As the OrdinaryFileList directive is new in 1.30, I'm still thinking
> that you're using an earlier version.  Perhaps you're installing the
> new file into the wrong directory.
> Can you do the following to check:
>     1. Edit your httpd.conf and add "ServerTokens Full" somewhere near
>        the top of the file.  I use "ServerTokens Prod" usually, so if
>        you have an existing ServerTokens directive then comment it out
>        for this test.
>     2. Change to your /tmp directory and wget a file as follows:
>            wget --save-headers http://www.example.com/index.html
>        The URI can be anything served by that Apache instance.  To be
>        sure, you should get the index.html from your Interchange-driven
>        website.
>     3. Examine the resulting file.  You should find a "Server:" header
>        listing the installed modules and the version number associated
>        with each.  I usually use "ServerTokens Prod" to hide this
>        information on public-facing systems.

You're right as usual.  I had installed mod_interchange 1.29 when I
_configured_ apache so it ignored when I tried to load it in dynamically
apparently.  So I reconfigured and re-installed apache, this time without
mod_interchange, and loaded it in dynamically (figuring this would save
the same headache later) and now it works.  OrdinaryFileList rules!


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