[ic] Compile problems on Solaris

John Young john_young at sonic.net
Wed May 12 14:40:09 EDT 2004

Mike Heins wrote:
(in response to Jim's issues with installing on Solaris)

> I believe you are simply running into the process not being
> able to be killed on Solaris.

[... stuff nixed...]

> Just run instead of ./configure:
> 	perl Makefile.PL
> 	make
> 	make install

Jim, I believe Mike is correct, as usual.  I run both Solaris and Linux
development systems.  My Solaris systems had the same problems you
experienced, so I just installed manually instead of using the canned
routine as Mike lists above.  Works just fine.

In operation, when wanting to stop or restart IC, you might find
it easiest to just do a:

pkill -u whatever_your_interchange_username_is

The problem with the IC process(es) not stopping in Solaris began,
I think, in either very late 4.8.x or early 4.9.x.

John Young

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