[ic] Compile problems on Solaris

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Wed May 12 17:22:28 EDT 2004

Quoting John Young (john_young at sonic.net):
> Mike Heins wrote:
> (in response to Jim's issues with installing on Solaris)
> >I believe you are simply running into the process not being
> >able to be killed on Solaris.
> [... stuff nixed...]
> >Just run instead of ./configure:
> >
> >	perl Makefile.PL
> >	make
> >	make install
> Jim, I believe Mike is correct, as usual.  I run both Solaris and Linux
> development systems.  My Solaris systems had the same problems you
> experienced, so I just installed manually instead of using the canned
> routine as Mike lists above.  Works just fine.
> In operation, when wanting to stop or restart IC, you might find
> it easiest to just do a:
> pkill -u whatever_your_interchange_username_is
> The problem with the IC process(es) not stopping in Solaris began,
> I think, in either very late 4.8.x or early 4.9.x.

I am not sure, but you might try

	Variable MV_BAD_LOCK 1

in interchange.cfg and see what happens to your kills.... 

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