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>Does anybody know if there is a way to only allow users that are flagged as
>dealers use purchase orders as a method of payment?

Certainly. In the current foundation demo, the choices in the payment 
selector are determined by some catalog variables, but you could just as 
easily be qualifying the P.O. payment choice against the scratch variable 
'dealer'. Take a look at (I think) include/checkout/payment_select.

>Is there a way to only charge postage for certain items. (eg: make the items
>weight 0 lbs and add a rule to state that if weight is 0 lbs then charge

This would happen by default with the standard demo setup, if you are using 
one of the weight-based shipping methods, though a side-effect may be a 
message on the checkout screen which says 'nothing to ship'... but this 
message string can be removed using the shipping editor or working on 
products/shipping.asc directly.

- Ed

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