[ic] Is there a way to implement SQL triggers in interchange using mysql?

Ethan E. Rowe ethan at the-rowes.com
Thu May 13 11:45:38 EDT 2004

Tim Good wrote:

>Hello list,
>As the subject states, Is there a way to implement SQL triggers in
>interchange using MySQL?
Tim, what do you mean by "SQL triggers in interchange"?  Just want to 
make sure I understand your question.

Our store (using PostgreSQL rather than MySQL) makes extensive use of 
database triggers.  Interchange itself doesn't have to know anything 
about them, which is one of the beauties of implementing business rules 
in the database level rather than the application level.  You simply 
design your triggers in the database engine of choice, and potentially 
look for ways in which your particular catalog implementation might 
conflict with the purpose of the triggers.

For instance, our inventory is handled almost entirely via triggers -- 
inserting, updating, and deleting order lines causes the appropriate 
inventory item to be affected.  Consequently, Interchange doesn't need 
to do anything with inventory whatsoever when it comes to order 
processing.  When I implemented the triggers, I had to just take a quick 
look in log_transaction to turn off the inventory decrement that took 
place there (I can't remember if that's a standard thing from 
foundation's log_transaction or if it was a previous customization).

Does this at all answer your question?

-Ethan Rowe
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