[ic] Not able to retrieve fields from custom table

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Thu May 13 13:24:16 EDT 2004

Tim Good [tim.g at edsd.com] wrote:
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>>> Paul,
>>> What I am saying, about [sql-param foo] and the [query] tag is this;
>>> it works great except that when no results are returned the area
>>> between [query ...] [no_match]*****BLANK****[/no_match] [/query] is
>>> blank. I have tried to use the [query ...] tag and within the body
>>> of
>> I did not see any [no-match] tags. At any rate, for them to
>> work, you must use [list][/list] inside your query.
> http://www.icdevgroup.org/doc-5.0/frames/ictags_91.html
> Paul
> Paul,
> As I said in my last post ...
>> Ofcourse the code above is not the exact code which I was using for
>> the [query ...] tag encaspulating <td>s and <tr>s. I included the
>> code above as an example to where I was working within the
>> order_view page.
> However I negleted to see that the [list][/list] tags are required for
> [no_match][/no_match] to work. At a second glance at the documentation
> I still don't see where it states that [list][/list] tags are requird
> inorder for the [on_match][/on_match] tags to work so thanks for
> pointing that out.

Perhaps you are correct in that the docs do not come out and say that. However
this was easy to find using the archives, which to me are far more useful.

searching for "no-match not returned" or "no-match not work" bring the answer
right up.

> Some of the examples in the documentation for the [query ] tag imply
> that the [list][/list] are not required for [on_match][/on_match] to
> work:

No, that is incorrect. No example shows a SubTag working without [list] or
type=list. In fact, maybe that says it all right there 8-)

I assume it is working now?


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