[ic] Interchange and https

Doug Alcorn doug at lathi.net
Thu May 13 14:32:03 EDT 2004

Mark Weaver <mark at americanmicroinc.com> writes:

> Is anyone else using interchange on a virtual host with SSL that is
> working? I've not been able to get this working for anything. Sure
> could use some help.

I'm sure lots of people will confirm that using IC with named virtual
hosts works fine.  The trick with SSL and named virtual hosts is that
you can only have one virtual host per IP.  I run an apache server
with dozens of virtual hosts and several virtual hosts doing SSL.
Each SSL host requires it's own IP address.  Not because certs are
tied to the IP address; they're not.  It's because SSL negotiation
between the server and browser happens before the browser actually
submits it's request.  So at that point all apache has to go by is
the requested IP address.

Apart from this advice, you'll have to give us more information on
what you've tried and why you don't think it works.  When
troubleshooting, my favorite question is, "How do you know it doesn't
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