[ic] Interchange and https

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Fri May 14 08:48:29 EDT 2004

Mark Weaver wrote:
> The fist line before the directives appears this way:
> NameVirtualHost

That's different than what you had in your last post, why?

> I'm not specifying a port as such:  NameVirtualHost

That's fine.  If you don't specify a port Apache defaults to port 80.

> Should I be doing this so that it sees a difference between SSL and 
> non-SSL virtual hosts?

You only need a NameVirtualHost directive for IPs that you're sharing 
with more than one domain.  Since you're using SSL on this domain then 
I'll run the assumption that you're not sharing the IP across domains 
(while it's possible to do that it has undesirable side effects, see my 
post from earlier today for more info).

> Since adding the container for the https side of 
> the domain for interchange and upon restarting apache I wasn't prompted 
> for my passphrase for the certs that are installed, which tells me that 
> its not acting on the certs at all now, although it didn't complain 
> about me specifying two different ports for the same domain as it was 
> doing before.  *sigh* I'm wondering if I'll ever get this right.

Please post both of the VirtualHost sections for that domain (the one 
for port 80 and the one for port 443).


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