[ic] Not able to retrieve fields from custom table

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Fri May 14 13:05:51 EDT 2004

Tim Good wrote:
> [snip]
>>> Paul,
>>> As I said in my last post ...
>>>> Ofcourse the code above is not the exact code which I was using for
>>>> the [query ...] tag encaspulating <td>s and <tr>s. I included the
>>>> code above as an example to where I was working within the
>>>> order_view page.
>>> However I negleted to see that the [list][/list] tags are required
>>> for [no_match][/no_match] to work. At a second glance at the
>>> documentation I still don't see where it states that [list][/list]
>>> tags are requird inorder for the [on_match][/on_match] tags to work
>>> so thanks for pointing that out.
>> Perhaps you are correct in that the docs do not come out and
>> say that. However this was easy to find using the archives,
>> which to me are far more useful.
>> searching for "no-match not returned" or "no-match not work" bring
>> the answer right up.
> thanks so much for your help. I am not sure what I was thinking
> by going by the documentation. I will use the mail list when
> the documentation does not help. Thanks for pointing that out.

Well, documentation can never be everything to everyone, which is true in any
project. The documentation gave a perfectly working example, if you then remove
code from it, your mileage will vary.

>>> Some of the examples in the documentation for the [query ] tag imply
>>> that the [list][/list] are not required for [on_match][/on_match] to
>>> work:
>> No, that is incorrect. No example shows a SubTag working
>> without [list] or type=list. In fact, maybe that says it all right
>> there 8-)
> So if I understand your explanation of the documentation correctly,
> if the [list] tags are not included, you must use type=list. But
> you must use one or the other in order for [no_match] to work?
> Also the [on_match] tag does not have to be within the [list][/list]
> tag for it to work. The [list][/list] tag just needs to exist
> anywhere in the [query][/query] tags.

Well, in my experience you need both type=list and [list][/list] present for a
subtag to work correctly, like [no-match] or whatever, as it shows in te
examples. [list][/list] just needs to be present, yes.

The strict syntax is very little to ask for, and its neccessity becomes
apparent when you start nesting looping tags.

>> I assume it is working now?
>> Paul
> Just for the record I was using type=list in my query tag. If you go
> back and read my posts you will see this. I will try using the
> [list][/list] tags so I understand how the [query] tag works.
> Also I would still prefer to use the [data ...] tag. The [data ...]
> tag will not work for my custom table. I am not sure why. The query
> is sent to the database as expected but nothing is returned. Does
> this have something to do with Safe Mode?

Sorry if i missed it, but have you tried [data table="delivery_schedule"
col="charge" key="00020"]. If that key exists, and the charge field is
occupied, and it does not have output, then there is a problem, if it does have
output, then you are just not suppling your particular code good data.


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