[ic] UserTag Troubles 'code is not a subroutine reference'

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Fri May 14 15:22:45 EDT 2004

Quoting Eric Small (interchange at ericsmall.com):
> I'm having trouble getting started with my first UserTag.
> I keep getting this message when I restart Interchange:
> ...UI is loaded...
> UserTag 'shiptest' code is not a subroutine reference
> In line 6 of the configuration file '/etc/interchange/usertag/shiptest.tag':
> At first I thought it was an error in my perl code so I ran the code 
> through perl -cw as was suggested in another thread.  There were some 
> syntactical errors, which I fixed, but that warning still occurred.  I 
> have now removed all my perl code and made the tag simply this:
> UserTag shiptest Order mode zip country
> UserTag shiptest Routine<<EOR

You do need to put space between << and Routine.

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