[ic] Interchange and https

Mark Weaver mark at americanmicroinc.com
Sun May 16 00:37:53 EDT 2004

Bryan D Gmyrek wrote:

>>>>Is anyone else using interchange on a virtual host with SSL that is
>>>>working? I've not been able to get this working for anything. Sure could
>>>>use some help.
>>>It has nothing to do with Interchange, of course.
>>>SSL simply doesn't work with NameVirtualHost. You can only have one
>>>per IP address.
>>Yes...I've been finding this out the hard way. Any ideas for a solution?
>>I didn't think there was a problem with Interchange. "it" appears to be
>>operating just as it should. Apache on the other hand is being a HUGE pita.
> Mark,
> It would help if you tell us what version of apache you're running.
> I'm not sure if this is what you need but here is what I have in my
> httpd.conf (apache 1.3.29 and redhat 9)
> NameVirtualHost 555.555.555.555:80
> <VirtualHost 555.555.555.555:80>
> DocumentRoot "/usr/local/apache/htdocs"
> ServerName  www.mydomain.com
> # ... more stuff
> </VirtualHost>
> <IfDefine SSL>
> <VirtualHost 555.555.555.555:443>
> DocumentRoot /usr/local/apache/htdocs
> ServerName www.mydomain.com
> # ... more stuff
> SSLEngine on
> SSLCertificateFile /usr/local/apache/conf/ssl.crt/www.mydomain.com.crt
> SSLCertificateKeyFile /usr/local/apache/conf/ssl.key/www.mydomain.com.key
> SSLVerifyClient none
> </VirtualHost>
> </IfDefine>
> Note that the NameVirtualHost only appears before the first port 80
> VirtualHost directive.
> Good luck!
> Bryan

Hi Bryan,

thought I'd let ya know that I've tried your example and for what ever 
reason it didn't work either. I made sure that NameVirtualHost 
appeared like this:

NameVirtualHost xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:80

and that all the containers using port 80 appeared like this:

<VirtualHost xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:80>

and the container for the secure side of the cart appeared like this:

<VirtualHost xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:443>

When I restarted the server it never asked for the passphrase for the 
cert and https didn't work.


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