[ic] CC processing

Mark Weaver mark at americanmicroinc.com
Mon May 17 08:50:44 EDT 2004

Hi again all,

First, let me say a HUGE thank you for this lists' existance. It is a 

Next, I'm working on getting CC processing nailed down so I can roll 
this cart out and get it online and taking orders. When I run a test 
order with a live credit card I'm getting this message at the top of the 

  There were errors in your last submission:

     (Payment process): There was an error accepting payment: Real-time 
charge failed. Reason:
  The areas you need to correct are shown in this color below.

problem is...there's nothing colored. the form looks the same as it did 
when I hit the "Place Order" button on the previous screen.

payments settings:

CHECK_ACCEPTED 			      0			                   Payment
COD_ACCEPTED 			        0	                             Payment
CREDIT_CARDS_ACCEPTED 		visa mc discover amex	Payment
MV_PAYMENT_HOST 					                   Payment
MV_PAYMENT_ID 			        xxxxxxxxx		       Payment
MV_PAYMENT_MODE 		    authorizenet		  Payment
MV_PAYMENT_PARTNER 					                 Payment
MV_PAYMENT_REFERER 					                 Payment
MV_PAYMENT_SECRET 		    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx	      Payment
MV_PAYMENT_VENDOR 					                 Payment
POSTAL_ACCEPTED 					                    Payment
PO_ACCEPTED 			          0			               Payment

The value for MV_PAYMENT_SECRET is the transaction key that was 
generated by authorize.net that we're currently using on two other 
shopping carts that we're using that we desperately want to get away from.

What am I missing here?

Mark Weaver
American Micro - Webmaster

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