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Mon May 17 14:16:13 EDT 2004

Mike Heins wrote:

> Quoting Mark Weaver (mark at americanmicroinc.com):
>>Is anyone else using interchange on a virtual host with SSL that is 
>>working? I've not been able to get this working for anything. Sure could 
>>use some help.
> It has nothing to do with Interchange, of course.
> SSL simply doesn't work with NameVirtualHost. You can only have one
> per IP address.

That's true the default ssl (port 443) doesn't work with multiple hosts 
on the same server, but the restriction to running SSL enabled hosts is 
really one per ip address / per port.  If you are willing to use 
non-standard ports, you can make the apache accept ssl connections on 
any other open port.  You just need to tell apache to listen to that port:
Listen #replace with your IP address
... etc...

... etc...

more examples are here: 

Its not much different than setting up apache to listen to non-standard 
http ports (e.g. :8080 is a common one).

Using the SecureURL variable you can let interchange do all the work.
SecureURL  https://example.com:4430/path/to/interchange

The only caveat that i've discovered is that some people may not be able 
to reach SSL if they use a very restrictive firewall that doesn't allow 
access to non-standard ports.

There's also an issue with non-HTTP/1.1 compliant browsers, but that 
extends to VirtualHost support in general, not SSL specifically.

Mike Kang

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