[ic] Authorizenet Transkey vs. Password ( was: SUCCESS!!! )

Mark Weaver mark at americanmicroinc.com
Tue May 18 10:17:34 EDT 2004

Paul Jordan wrote:

> Mark
> What it sounded like was that you were mis-using Transaction key. The password
> does work, however I recommend against it as it is much better not to have
> password stored in plain text (transaction key is not a password for your
> account but just for posting transactions). I posted a howto use the
> transaction key:
> http://www.icdevgroup.org/pipermail/interchange-users/2003-March/032105.html
> It is important IMO.
> Also, someone may have placed some mods into the payment module to allow
> transaction key, so my usage may be outdated. You would have to look at the
> code to see. I will eventually check when it becomes important to me, or when
> mine breaks 8-)   (however I do suspet editing authorizenet.pm is no longer
> neccessary if this is 5.0 and above)
> Paul

Hi Paul,

Unless I've missed something I followed your steps to the letter and its 
not working. Authorizenet won't accept any transactions in this manner. 
Mind you, I'm using a previously generated Trans key that is currently 
in use by our old storefront that we're wanting to get away from. Could 
this have anything to do with that? I don't want to generate a key 
because that will kill the current transkey that is in use.

Mark Weaver
American Micro - Webmaster

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