[ic] interchange and odbc+exell

Lars Segerlund konsult at sebab.se
Wed May 19 05:32:30 EDT 2004


  I have two questions, first I have some trouble getting to get the 
foundation store to run on an mysql database, I have been through the 
docs and I am slowly plowing through the catalog building tutorial now, 
however I seem to have missed some minor point about the mysql  database 
usage as related to the text files which I presume specify the database. 
Does any body have some tips or some specific pointer on where to look 
for more info ?

 Secondly, I do want to be able to update some tables from exell, ( 
basicly I want to import data into the database from an exell sheet ). I 
have set up odbc on the mysql database but I am having a hard time 
getting this to run smoothly, ( it won't update correctly ), does 
anybody have any pointers to any docs on this ? ( a howto or tutorial ? ).

 I hope you can bear with me as I find these problems a bit trivial to 
have soo much trouble with :-) ..

 / best regards, Lars Segerlund.

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