[ic] Limit number of results returned (not just a [more] question ;)

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>As you know one can use ml=50 to control how many results are shown on the
>results page.  While looking for info on my question I found only info on
>this sort of problem...
>But does anyone know how to actually limit the number of results returned
>by a standard scan search to, say 500?
>For example:
>I search for blue on my site and it returns 50,000 results.
>No one wants to click next for 50,000 items.
>So I display a note instead that says 'Your search returned 50,000
>items, please refine your result'
>This will only happen if, say more than 300 results are returned
>(otherwise they see more...)
>What I'd *like* is to do like G00gle and only fetch the first, say 300
>results and give the option to do more to see those (instead of just
>flatly saying no, you can't see more).
>Anyone know how to do this?

With the interchange search terms, you can use mv_max_matches for this. In 
SQL, use the LIMIT term. As far as giving the customer to see all results, 
that would just be resubmitting the search without these restrictions.

- Ed

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