[ic] shipping charges and weights...

Eric Small interchange at ericsmall.com
Wed May 19 21:21:08 EDT 2004

Mark Weaver wrote:

> So once this user tag is inserted into the catalog.cfg and the 
> corresponding snippet is placed into the
> shipping.asc, then I should be able to ship things via UPS ground that 
> are over 150lbs.?

Just make sure you don't have any single items or single packages that 
are over 150lbs.  UPS will not
 accept any package over (or possibly near) that weight limit.  I went 
with 130lbs to be on the very
 safe side.  My understanding is that when you get near the limit the 
driver may refuse to take it if they
 don't feel like having to lug the box around.

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