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>Scott Martin wrote:
>>Hi List,
>>We have been shipping with FedEx FREIGHT for shipments above 150 Pounds
>>(Bricks & Mortar). Does fedex provide something for looking up the costs
>>like the UPS tables.(Did UPS Provide those for interchange or did someone
>>from the interchange group write them?) I am currnetly trying to build a
>>catalog of Industrial products which range from 2 lbs to well over 1000 lbs.
>>per product & was wondering how to accomplish this? It would be nice to have
>>LTL truckload pricing tables to work from!
>>Scott Martin
>Wow, someone looking for the same thing I have been!  I doubt you will 
>find pricing/zone tables for
>LTL shipping.  According to the information supplied by the shipping 
>director at my place of
>employment it's pretty much impossible to accurately price trucking 
>costs.  There are too many
>variables, like ship date, fuel surcharges (which can vary day to day), etc.
>The best candidate I've found for a price quoting system is this:
>I don't know Perl well enough to do anything with it though.
>The option I've ended up going with for now to handle heavy shipments is 
>adding two "free" options.
>One for Ship Collect (customer supplies their shipping account number) and 
>another for PPA
>(pre-pay & add; we pay shipping then bill customer for actual shipping 

I have a written and tag to query the CON-WAY (http://www.con-way.com) LTL 
rate quoting interface. I  had intended to include it with the 5.2 release, 
but never got around to it. It's not perfect; one particular irritation 
(which may have been corrected) was that the registration you are required 
to have to use their interface would expire if you went three months 
without logging into their member area, even if you were querying quotes 
via my tag all day, every day. I wrote to their development team about 
this, but I don't know if they ever did anything about it.

In any case, I may attempt to incorporate this into the next release; it 
will require some work, because as it stands now it does not work with the 
standard foundation demo shipping mode selection motif.

- Ed

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