[ic] Re: Problems using an image for "remove" in the cart component

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Mon May 24 14:25:27 EDT 2004

At 11:06 24/05/2004, you wrote:
>James Turnbull wrote:
>>This won't work - you need a chunk of perl code to remove the item, see
>>here for a solution
>>This also works if you want to use a text link to remove the item.
>I might be missing something here, but can't this be done with:
>   <a href="[area href=|ord/basket| form=|mv_quantity_update=1
>   [quantity-name]=0
>   mv_action=refresh|]">Remove</a>
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James, you're a star :)

The above code works just great in the cart component and a minor tweak on 
the href to ord/checkout for the checkout page to work :)

Like ALL the best solutions, it's nice and simple!

Many thanks


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