[ic] Opinions

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Tue May 25 12:17:11 EDT 2004

Daniel Degotardi [daniel at hinterlands.com.au] wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a project on the boil that requires these specific features:
> * Anonymous users can view products, but certain specific details of
> products are only available to logged in members

Sure, just use [if session logged_in] hidden details [/if]

> * Member accounts can only be obtained via purchasing through the
> usual checkout method

Anything is possible. however you must have a clear view of what you want. Can
one buy products AND the "user account" at the same time? Will the user account
expire after a certain date? (I ask because buying a user account implies
subscription) All these would have a different way of going about it.

> * Anyone can purchase a member account, but only members can purchase
> products

Yes, this is just requiring log-in for purchase.

> And the killer:
> * Each member account is able to add / edit / remove one sinle item
> from the products database

Easy, you just need to know what your doing. User place data into a database
all the time, the user database, trasnactions, forum, etc.

> In your opinion, is Interchange an appropriate platform for this? Is
> everything I need to know to achieve this in the docs?

Sure, but like anything else, it requires time to learn.

> I'm not scared to get my hands dirty,



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