[ic] Bug with shipping + total cost?

Sandy Thomson sandy at scotwebshops.com
Tue May 25 12:28:57 EDT 2004

I have discovered something I think might be a bug?

My Setup:
I have a few different shipmodes in the shipping.asc file, and depending 
on what country a customer selects certain shipmodes (+ correct prices) 
are displayed on the basket page on a drop down list for customer to 
choose from.

Only shipping country and shipping method are chosen on our basket page. 
The idea being the customer can see a simple heads up of how much 
everything costs before being confronted with crazy checkout form.

A hypothetical example:

ACountry    ups,fedex

ups    UPS             weight  0       0       e No items in basket
ups    UPS             weight  1       1999    f 10.00
ups    UPS             weight  2000    9999999 e Use Fedex instead
fedex  Fedex           weight  0       0       e No items in basket
fedex  Fedex           weight  1       9999999 f 20.00

Note: Ignore all tab separation and formatting, its just an example and 
the db's work here.

The (Possible) Bug:
For example, the weight criterion was out of bounds for the first 
shipmode (3000), i would like it to display only the second shipmode and 
the price for that country (e.g Fedex: 20.00) on the basket page.

This works fine.

The [total-cost] tag returns the calculation of (subtotal+vat+shipping), 
but for some reason it assumes shipping to be 0.00, i assume because it 
looks at the first shipmode in the country db (ups) and sees 'e' 
(error), instead of the only option available that has no error (Fedex: 

So the calculation should be (subtotal+vat+20.00) instead of 
(subtotal+vat+0.00), i think?

Subsequently, going to the checkout page calculates the order total 
correctly, but I was really wanting the basket page to do the price 

Any hints?


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