[ic] Problems with "Search" after upgrade to 5.2

Kim Lauritz Christensen kim at hambrosalle.dk
Tue May 25 17:19:36 EDT 2004

I have been running version 4.8.7 for some time now and decided to
upgrade IC to the new version 5.2.
The install went fine and the pg database was upgraded with 3 new tables
as expected when starting interchange again. All looked fine until I tried
to use the search function (the catalog is based on the foundation
template). I get "Sorry, no matches for ........." no matter what I search
for ! The data was merged to 5.2 and rebuilt the catalog using the
populate function,- but nothing helps.

I went back and reinstalled the catalog using version 4.8.7 and connected
to the new upgraded database, and the search is working again, so I am
back on 4.8.7

Did anyone here have the similar problem? I would appreciate some help
on this strange issue

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