[ic] interchange and odbc+exell

Lars Segerlund konsult at sebab.se
Wed May 26 03:03:43 EDT 2004

 Well I am obviously having a bit of trouble grasping some of the 
concepts regarding the databases here, I have managed to get the 'mike' 
demo store running on mysql, and currently I am trying to get the 
foundation store up and running on mysql. I also have the tutorial set 
up and I am trying to get it to use sql.

 The problem I have is that I am having trouble configuring the DSN ... 
( it seem's ), since I would like to use ODBC, and I have also not 
succeded to make interchange not rebuild the databases on startup.

 But I think I can get a bit futher with your tips, I didn't know that 
the ttext files were 'top priority' I think this solves a lot of 
trouble, thanks. I think I will have to RTFM a bit now that I know this.

 Could anyone give a sample Database DSN ? ( for odbc ), then I would 
know if I'm on the right track :-) ..

 / thanks, Lars Segerlund.

New Media E.M.S. wrote:

> At 11:32 AM 5/19/2004 +0200, you wrote:
>> Hi,
>>  I have two questions, first I have some trouble getting to get the 
>> foundation store to run on an mysql database, I have been through the 
>> docs and I am slowly plowing through the catalog building tutorial 
>> now, however I seem to have missed some minor point about the mysql  
>> database usage as related to the text files which I presume specify 
>> the database. Does any body have some tips or some specific pointer 
>> on where to look for more info ?
> The text files are the primary structure model from from which 
> Interchange will build the mysql tables, as well as a source of data 
> for initially populating the tables. The files in dbconf/mysql/ define 
> each table name and type, and contain supplementary info about field 
> types for each column in the table. What specific trouble are you having?
> - Ed
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