[ic] Re: interchange and odbc+exell

Lars Segerlund konsult at sebab.se
Wed May 26 06:30:20 EDT 2004

racke at linuxia.de wrote:

> Lars Segerlund writes:
>> Well I am obviously having a bit of trouble grasping some of the 
>> concepts regarding the databases here, I have managed to get the 
>> 'mike' demo store running on mysql, and currently I am trying to get 
>> the foundation store up and running on mysql. I also have the 
>> tutorial set up and I am trying to get it to use sql.
>> The problem I have is that I am having trouble configuring the DSN 
>> ... ( it seem's ), since I would like to use ODBC, and I have also 
>> not succeded to make interchange not rebuild the databases on startup.
>> But I think I can get a bit futher with your tips, I didn't know that 
>> the ttext files were 'top priority' I think this solves a lot of 
>> trouble, thanks. I think I will have to RTFM a bit now that I know this.
>> Could anyone give a sample Database DSN ? ( for odbc ), then I would 
>> know if I'm on the right track :-) ..
> Why do you want to run it through ODBC ? Start with the simple things
> first.
>       Racke

 I would like to link an update script which will be working against 
another database using ODBC, thus I might as well, ( and perhaps I can 
run against this other 'live' database).

 Also I am looking at dumping the sql database to the text files at some 
regular intervalls, ( in case I would loose my connectivity and ability 
to do live updates), probably after each update.

 Thus I can have a hosted server with updated info from a business 
system, ( CRM ), located at another place and still have good 
availability in case of  a network outage.

 / Lars Segerlund.

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