[ic] SQL-Ledger + Interchange: The straight dope.

Tony Fraser tony at sybaspace.com
Wed May 26 14:28:39 EDT 2004

On Tue, 2004-05-25 at 14:20, Jeme wrote:
> There's lots of talk about merging SQL-Ledger and interchange.  It seems
> like something people really want to do and there's even that
> Vend::Accounting::SQL_Ledger module.  But is there a straightforward
> How-To on the thing?  I see lots of questions online, but almost no
> answers to those questions.  I suppose this one is as doomed as the
> others.

The original code was contributed (sorry I can't remember who, check the
CVS log if your interested), then it was heavily modified, almost
completely re-written actually, by Mike. I think he did it for a
particular client though as it is quite rough around the edges an has
limited function. 

> With the appropriate pointers, I'd be happy to track my progress for
> later How-To-ification.
> Also, those of you who are doing it (and you ARE doing it, right? --
> give a brother just a LITTLE confirmation), is it possible to share the
> same product tables?  I imagine so, but if there are gotchas or obvious
> things to watch, please speak up.

Actually, they don't end up sharing the same table. If I recall
correctly IC adds "parts" (or is it services?) to SQL-Ledger's parts
table as it requires them if I remember correctly.

I have never set it up in production but I had it setup in a devel.
environment at one time. I was going to work on updating the code. The
current code interacts with the tables directly and there was a DB
schema change in SQL-Ledger (actually there have been a few since) that
stops the IC code from working with a SQL-Ledger newer than 1.8.7 I
think, definitely nothing 2.0.0 or newer. The current production version
of SQL-Ledger is 2.2.7 I believe and there is a development version
2.3.2 now.

Sorry I can't give you any pointers on setting it up right now. My devel
machine is out of commission for a while (hardware failure) and it's
been too long since I looked at IC -> SQL-Ledger.

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