[ic] Passing CGI variables in URL fails because of session IDs

Interchange User interchange at framework.cx
Wed May 26 14:32:04 EDT 2004

Greetings list,

There is probably a simple explanation for this, but I can't find it.  When
I write some code to make my own "flypage" manually, based on URL
parameters, I run into problems when a session ID is already in the URL.
For example, if I have the following code:

<a href="[href view]?[scratch somevar]">View</a>

It expands to:

However, if I have a session going on, I get


Which, of course, doesn't work because the second '?' should be an '&'.  I
wrote a bit of perl to test for a session ID in the URL and put an ampersand
instead of a question mark if necessary, but this seems to be a hack and I'm
guessing there's a more elegant solution.  Can anyone help?



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