[ic] tracking code question

Mark Weaver mark at americanmicroinc.com
Wed May 26 15:45:30 EDT 2004

Christopher Wenham wrote:

> On Wednesday 26 May 2004 14:39, Mark Weaver wrote:
>>The code looks like this:
>><img src="https://www.somedomain.com/cgi-bin/program.pl?conversion"
>>height="1" width="1">
>>I would like this to happen at the end of the transaction when the
>>receipt is displayed in the browser screen. Where can I place this code?
>  In etc/receipt.html
> Regards,

Hi Christopher,

That doesn't seem to be working. I've got this tracking code in 
literally a ton of pages that are being tracked including the index page 
of interchange and I'm getting good tracking data from the program, 
however it doesn't appear to work when placed on the receipt page. Any 
ideas as to why?

I might add that the only place where I'm calling the program through 
https is the receipt page and everwhere else its being called through 
http. There are two other shopping carts where this program is being 
called through https and its working fine there.

Mark Weaver
American Micro - Webmaster

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