Betr.: RE: [ic] Timed news_feature doesn't work

J van Dijk 'BV Kunststoffenindustrie Attema' j.vandijk at
Thu May 27 08:56:23 EDT 2004

>> Hi all,
>> I use the /eg news_feature files deliverd with the foundation store.
>> created the mysql news table and use the standard pages and
>> template files.
>> It works great but the timed_news function doesn't work. The date
>> (Start and
>> End) is displayed correctly in the mysql table and in the field
>> timed_news=1. So everything seems to be right.
>> Is there anyone who can tell me how I can let the
>> work.

>First you have to store a start and end date in that field, like
>and 20040531. After that you create a query that checks those dates
with the
>current date: select * from news where start_date > [scratch
>and finish_date < [scratch current_date]  (untested)

>You set the current_date to a scratch like this:

>[seti current_date][time]%Y%m%d[/time][/seti]

We use this piece of code:

      [query prefix=news list=1 more=1 sql=|
	FROM news
	WHERE (featured = '[control news_type algemeen]' AND
lang='[scratch mv_locale]' AND timed_news<>'1') 
		OR ( featured = '[control news_type algemeen]'  AND
lang='[scratch mv_locale]' AND timed_news='1' 
			AND start_date  <= [time]%Y%m%d[/time] 
			AND finish_date >= [time]%Y%m%d[/time]  )
	ORDER BY posted_on DESC
	ml="[control matches 3]"

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