[ic] Timed news_feature doesn't work

Paul Jordan paul at gishnetwork.com
Thu May 27 16:51:18 EDT 2004

birchbranch at comcast.net wrote:
>> Sorry to chime in but who the heck are you people and why am I
>> suddenly getting e-mails about whatever it is that you guys are
>> speaking about? Are you computer programmers?
> Well, as you probably should have noticed on the bottom of EACH
> message, you are subscribed to the interchange-users mailing-list.
> Check the confirmation-messages you got when your e-mail address was
> subscribed to this list.
> René
> ps. Don't top-post. Reply below the message you are replying. That is
> part of the netiquette!

Well, not being (a/any) list subscriber, he may not be familair with list

Mr. Smith, maybe someone tried to subscribe, and entered a wrong email address
(maybe it was similar to yours), or maybe you have people that are playing a
prank on you, and assigning your address to lists without your knowledge, Or
someone has your address in a MAIL GROUP without your, or even their knowledge.
Either way, it is not the lists maintainers fault, and to remedy this, you will
probably have to follow the directions here:


I know I recently subscribed to the CVS list, and it had a double opt-in.
Whether or not the main list does (I don't think it did a couple years ago), I
don't know, but that would mean someone besides you would have needed access to
your account.

Or attempt to find out who is grouping your address. Unfortunately, these are
things we must deal with in this age. We are sorry you are getting these
messages, that you did not want.


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