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At 11:30 AM 5/28/2004, you wrote:

>I want to add a new way to pay (to link to our own po system) I will need
>to ask about 4 questions, then save them to the db.  The information does
>not need to be encryted because it is just 2 digit numbers (4 2digit
>numbers)  It should be in the transaction table, because it does not
>change with each line item.
>I am using foundation
>Thanks again,

Ok, well someone already posted a not about the import tag. You just need 
to add the new fields to the transactions table (this can be done by 
exporting the table in the UI, then modifying transactions.txt to add the 
new columns - for SQL database you need to rebuild or modify the SQL copy 
of the table as well). Then edit etc/log_transaction and add the import of 
the new fields to the existing block for transactions:

[import table=transactions type=LINE continue=NOTES]
(existing stuff here)
new1: [value new1]
new2: [value new2]
new3: [value new3]
new4: [value new4]

...you'll may also want to add display of these new values to the store 
email copy (etc/report), and possibly the customer receipts 
(etc/receipt.html and etc/mail_receipt).

- Ed

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