[ic] Putting non-products into a Cart -- is this possible?

New Media E.M.S. ic_users at newmediaems.com
Fri May 28 17:46:58 EDT 2004

At 02:12 PM 5/28/2004, you wrote:

>Thanks for the word.  Still have some problems however, let me lay it out.
>I have added the global database into the catalog.cfg,
>ProductFiles   products buyback  # buyback is global
>There are no problems with that, but the problem of getting the item into
>the cart is still lurking (see below).  Pulling code nearly directly from
>the interchange docs I have tried a few ways of getting an item into the
>buyback cart:
># through a tag
>[order code="[sql-param isbn]" cart="buyback" page="buyback/bb_basket"]
>Sell now! </a>
># through a form
><FORM ACTION="[area buyback/bb_basket]" METHOD=POST>
><INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_session_id value="[data session id]">
><INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_action VALUE=refresh>
><INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_cartname value="buyback">
><INPUT TYPE=hidden name="mv_order_quantity" value="1">
><INPUT TYPE=hidden  NAME="mv_order_item"  VALUE="[sql-param isbn]">
><INPUT TYPE=submit name=mv_junk value="SELL HER!">
>I can verify that interchange is trying to get it into the cart, because
>the following shows up in the error logs:
>[28/May/2004:17:02:04 -0400] demo1
>/cgi-bin/ic/demo1/buyback/bb_basket.html Attempt to order missing product
>code: 84757743677
>So, the problem seems to be in getting the catalog to accept the buyback
>table as a products table.  As far as the docs show, I declared it
>correctly in the catalog.cfg, but no dice.  Also, I have verified that the
>interchange user has the correct permissions on the mysql database.
>Currently, I am just doing the motions so the buyback table is a copy of
>the products table, so it can not be a problem with the fields being
>Any more ideas or assistance would be much appreciated,

What does your database directive look like for the buyback table? If you 
don't know what I mean, then that's your problem: Interchange knows nothing 
of the buyback table. Assuming you are using MySQL, you would want to 
create a file in yourcat/dbconf/mysql call buyback.msyql, containing the 
following info:

Database        buyback         buyback.txt     dbi:mysql:dbname
Database        buyback         USER            mysql_username
Database        buyback         PASS            mysql_password
NoImport        buyback

You'll need to create a file in your catalog's products directory named 
buyback.txt - I'm not sure if it needs to contain anything meaningful, 
since you are not building this table from a local definition file (hence 
the NoImport directive).

Restart Interchange and see how it goes. Check the table editor in the UI 
and see if the buyback  table is listed, and if you can browse and search 
it's contents.

- Ed

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