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At 05:19 PM 5/28/2004, you wrote:

>Hi all,
>First I want to thank everyone who helps out here, you guys are fantastic.
>Now on to the problem:
>I need to preface this by saying that my Interchange ver 4.8 has been
>running smoothly for years without a problem.  As such, I have not changed
>anything at all over that time.  However, beginning a few months ago, some
>customers said that when they went to checkout, they would get an error
>message, so they would have to try again.  Then they would notice that their
>credit cards were charged twice.  This problem has actually been getting
>worse over time, with more and more customers having the same problem, and
>now it's happening several times a day, with some of them getting errors
>(and charges) several times before it finally goes through.  I was able to
>recreate the problem (finally) and here's what I have tried/found out:
>- The error message is
>(signio): Charge failed, reason: Charge error: -13 Reason: Select failure.
>Please call in your order or try again.
>- I *do not* get a copy of the order sent to me via email when such an error
>- My processor is Verisign (I know they suck and am actively working on
>getting a new processor).  On my account manager, I can see that the charge
>happens without any errors, the charge goes through normally with no error
>- I've tried updating to the latest Signio.pm, but the errors still keep
>- I've tried updating to the latest PFProAPI.pm, but the errors still keep
>- I've tried using the alternate charge program, pfpro instead of
>PFProAPI.pm, but the errors keep happening.
>As much as I'd like to blame Verisign, it seems the problem is not likely
>coming from their end.
>Anyone have any ideas what this could be about?
>Kash Monsefi

No, but I would suggest you consult the PayFlo documentation, or contact 
Verisign, for a more informative description of the 'Select failure' error, 
since that error is actually being returned by Verisign.

- Ed

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