[ic] "partial-match"

Jon Jensen jon at endpoint.com
Sat May 29 13:10:29 EDT 2004

On Sat, 29 May 2004, Adrian P Wilkinson wrote:

> I want to be able to do a SQL query on the products table (I've got this
> working) but want to return only the first, say, ten characters of the
> matching field, for example is the result returned "3COM - DESKTOP CARDS" it
> would trim it to "3COM - DES"
> I believe this can be done with a tag along the lines of [part-match],
> [part-search], [partial-match] or some variation but wasn't able to see an
> obvious answer from icdevgroup.org - could someone please remind me of the
> actual tag name so I can look up the usage synatax?

If you get the field with:

[sql-param title]

Then you can truncate it with:

[sql-filter 10][sql-param title][/sql-filter]

If you want a ... at the end, do:

[sql-filter 10.][sql-param title][/sql-filter]


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