[ic] Parsing Order Confusion

Chris McCulloh chrislist at sinetimore.com
Mon May 31 16:17:34 EDT 2004

Somewhat strange problem I'm having.  I've known of Interchange since
Akopia days, but have only started using it for a large project as of late
(minor tweaking in the past).  I'm having something weird happen -- it
seems like the components on certain pages are appearing completely out of
place.  Suspecting perhaps HTML errors, I've diagnosed them at length. 
For example, using the Foundation results page with the top/left/right
template.  The results_buylist component is in slot 4, content in slot 5,
slot 6 empty, and slot 7 has the random component.

When the page renders, however, the random component is appearing in the
content slot before the content, and result_buylist isn't rendering at
all.  What kind of steps can I take to troubleshoot this, and are there
any common sources of problems like this?  I've done some hefty googling
(although I'd be more than willing to admit perchance I may not have used
the best terms as an Interchange dev newb) and haven't found anything

Thanks in advance

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