[ic] Problems with options <CATROOT>/etc/report

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Mon May 31 22:19:35 EDT 2004

At 02:58 01/06/2004, you wrote:
>Hi Everyone,
>I have a rather annoying problem with etc/report in IC 4.8.7 in that when 
>someone orders an item that has more than one simple option the options 
>values are not coming through although items with only one option are.
>Quan  Item No.   Description                          Price (ex 
>VAT)   Total (ex VAT)
>---- ---------- ------------------------------------ ---------------- 
>   1   000459     Condomi Fruit and 
> Colour                    £0.20           £0.20
>       000459     Flavour: Spearmint (Green)
>   1   000459     Condomi Fruit and 
> Colour                    £0.20           £0.20
>       000459     Flavour: Chocolate (Black)
>   1   000567     Eros Shop Selection Pack 
> III                £7.40           £7.40
>       000567     Condom Type: , Lube Type:
>The options "Condom Type:" and "Lube Type:" for item 0000567 should each 
>have a value and they appear to be missing.
>The code in etc/report for options is:
>[if-item-data options o_enable][if-item-data !options o_modular][row 82]
>     [column width=5 gutter=1 align=right][/column]
>     [column width=12 gutter=1] [item-code] [/column]
>     [column width=36 wrap=1 gutter=1][filter op="tabbed decode_entities 
> compress_space strip"][item-options report=1]
>Does anyone have any ideas what's not quite right here and why my options 
>are going missing? I want to say "bug" but I'm not that bold ;)
>Many thanks in advance for any help.

OK I have a bit more info on this problem, and I was wrong to think it's 
etc/report that's at fault here. In fact it's a complete red herring!

When I checked the orderline table the option values are missing there too, 
so I can only assume they were not stored correctly during checkout? There 
are no entries in the error.log so I assume IC was "happy" at the time of 
the transaction.

Many thanks


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