[ic] Mail List?

Rene Hertell interchange at hertell.com
Tue Nov 2 03:36:02 EST 2004

Tom wrote:
> Getting this every time:
> Your mail to 'interchange-users' with the subject
> Is being held until the list moderator can review it for approval.
> The reason it is being held:
>     Message may contain administrivia

And again. Do NOT top-post to this list! If you reply to messages, then 
do it below the original message (that's why you guys don't get any 
answers from other members of the list!). Remember to trim the original 
message so that you don't post back the whole message (we got it already 
in the post before!)

Back to your question: Please post some more info from the message you 
get from the mailing list. "Message may contain administrivia" is 
probably not the whole explanation to the error.

Also: What did you post to the list? Which email-client did you use at 
that time (your last message was sent with outlook express)


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