[ic] recording bad credit card transactions

Scott Andreas webteam at wes-state.com
Tue Nov 2 11:56:28 EST 2004

Hello users

We want to record all bad transaction into a bad-cc table.
We use Authorizenet as our payment gateway.
I've added to the log_transaction file...

[if data session cybercash_error]
[comment]Past badcc entry[/comment]

[if value order_desk_entry]
[tmp tmp_source_bad][if value 800_entry][value name=salesperson
default=800_ORDER_DESK][else][value name=salesperson
Added [mv_order_number] to table badcc:
[import table=badcc type=LINE continue=NOTES no-commit=1]
code: [value mv_order_number]
session: [data session id]
name: [value fname] [value lname]
company: [value company]
phone: [value phone]
email: [value email]
order_date: [value name=order_date set="[tag time]%Y%m%d %H:%M:%S[/tag]"]
source: [scratch tmp_ordervia]-[scratch tmp_payment]-[value rec_via]-badcc
total_cost: [total_cost]
reason: [data session cybercash_error]
note: [value note]
card_ref: [value mv_credit_card_reference]
products: [item-list][item-code] [/item-list]
address1: [value address1]
address2: [value address2]
city: [value city]
zip: [value zip]
source_ref: [scratch tmp_source_bad]
credit_card_type: [value mv_credit_card_type]

[catch error-set="log_orderline_table" error-scratch="mv_route_failed"]
There was an error adding the data to the badcc table. It was: $ERROR$

But it won't work :(
Can anyone please give me info on why and what I need to do to remedy this

We're using default ic5.2 foundation



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