[ic] Problems with account_change profile in etc/profiles.order

Mark Bryant mark at vwe.net
Tue Nov 2 12:45:14 EST 2004

At 16:29 02/11/2004, you wrote:

>>Could it be that I'm not correctly detecting the error state (although I 
>>doubt it given the direct code lift).
>>I'm using IC 4.8.7 (yes I know it's old, but it works), Perl 5.6.1 on 
>>RedHat Linux 7.3 (yes I know this is old too) and would be grateful for 
>>any suggestions.
>My earlier post would theoretically be helpful if you were using a more 
>recent version of IC.  However, I think the stuff I wrote is inaccurate 
>for IC 4.8.7.  Sorry about that. :)

Hi Ethan,

No probs re earlier post, I appreciate the time you took to reply :)

Re the 2 things you mentioned.

1. Form action:
<FORM name="account_change" ACTION="[process secure=1]" METHOD="POST">

2. mv_form_profile:
This mv var doesn't appear in the page at all. Not even the foundation 
example page has it.

What I do have instead, in both the foundation page and my page, is 
mv_order_profile set:
<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=mv_order_profile VALUE=account_change>

The checkout page also uses mv_order_profile, which is the one that 
currently works without any problems:
<input type=hidden name=mv_order_profile value=credit_card>

Perhaps I should be setting mv_form_profile instead of mv_order_profile in 
the account.html page?

Many thanks :)


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