[ic] Odd search problem

"Disch, Uwe (Ingenieurbüro Disch)" uwe.disch at disch-online.de
Thu Nov 4 15:23:35 EST 2004


I have a odd search problem.

Description of anomaly:
The search results on my results page are grouped by category.  If I do a
search the order of sorting is in exactly one special case not correct.
The shop is based on foundation demo.

If the first hit of a specific category is the last entry in the list of
hits on the first page, this hit is not sorted.

Sample of anomaly:
Please go to http://disch-systems.de and provide no search specification
to the search box and hit search (German "SUCHEN").  Now, keep care of the
product with the SKU "EIPM00/N208D" that should be on the bottom of the
results page.  It should be the first in the category
"Konverter (Ethernet)", but you see some other product.  If you choose
results page 2 ("Seite 2") and you go back to page 1, it is there.

Now, in the URL change "mv_matchlimit=10" to "mv_matchlimit=2" and keep
care of "DGWIP0/1G00F" (on the first position of the second category).
Try again this empty search by submitting this URL.  Result:
"DGWIP0/1G0PC" - that's again not right.

You can try many more examples, search for "netcube" and set the
"mv_matchlimit=1", first result isn't "EIPM00/N208D".

Where to start to solve this odd problem?

With best regards

   Uwe Disch

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