[ic] Authorize.net - invoice number

Gary Norton gnorton at broadgap.com
Mon Nov 8 11:26:46 EST 2004

M Dell, In the Sun, LLC wrote:

>I am looking to pass the invoice number from Interchange to the
>Authorize.net email sent to the merchant.  I see the IC variable is:
>mv_order_number and the Authorize.net variable is: x_invoice_num, but I
>don't see where to put this in IC.
At the time you send your query to Authorize.Net the system has not 
assigned the order number yet. This prevents skips in order numbers 
inside interchange in case the order is rejected. Order numbers are only 
assigned by IC once we have received a transaction ID from Authorize.Net.

I believe that there are one or two posts on the list talking about how 
to work around this, but if you do make the changes then you will not 
have sequential orders inside interchange.

Hope this helps,

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