[ic] turning off "others who bought this item..."

Mark Weaver mark at americanmicroinc.com
Tue Nov 9 07:48:37 EST 2004

Ed LaFrance (New Media E.M.S.) wrote:
> At 02:08 PM 11/8/2004, you wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> The word has come down from on high and they'd like the feature that 
>> states, "Customers who bought this item also bought:" turned off on 
>> the shopping cart. I've been all over the archives to no avail. All 
>> I've found so far are posts asking how to turn it on or get it 
>> working, but nothing definitive on how to get this feature to stop.
>> Could some kind soul point me in the right direction or offer their 
>> fix for this? I've not found anything in the admin interface that 
>> allows me to turn this off.
>> Thanks,
> On pages/ord/basket.html, change this:
>         [others_bought]1[/others_bought]
> to this:
>         [others_bought][/others_bought]
> That should do it.
> - Ed

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah yes! thank you Ed. That worked perfectly.

Mark Weaver
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